Raise the Roof: Top Roof Styles for the Modern and Classic Homes

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Most homeowners tend to overlook their roofs when renovating or doing maintenance. In fact, if your roof is doing its job, you probably won’t give it that much attention. It’s often only when it starts to leak inside during a heavy downpour or when shingles start flying off of your New York home during a storm, for example, that you take notice of the roof.

The roof is actually an important piece of your home’s overall design. It’s the figurative cherry on top of this architectural cake. And just like a cake’s frostings and toppings, design is very important as it defines the overall aesthetics. Here’s a look at the more popular roof styles, from the classic to modern.

Shingle that’s Ready to Mingle

Asphalt shingles are probably the most common roofing styles for homes because of their affordability not only in production but also installation. These thick paper sheets saturated with asphalt go well with a number of housing types, from Victorian estates to ranch houses. These work well in homes and buildings with steel or wooden frames, and are fit for all types of climates. Look for any expert roofing service in the Bronx and they’ll probably tell you this is one of their best sellers.

What Wood You Prefer

The great thing about wood shingles and shakes is its overall aesthetic appeal. A house with wood shingles gives an authentic rustic look, as no two pieces of wooden shingle or shake looks the same. Often made from cedar or pine, these tend to turn gray as they age, giving the roof a rustic, and earthy feel.

The aesthetic appeal of wooden shingles — especially in ranch houses, cottages, and bungalow — is hard to duplicate in any synthetic material.

Coming Out to Clay

Our picture of Spanish-style houses wouldn’t be complete without the red, half-barrel clay tiles. Getting professional roofing services in the Bronx and choosing clay tiles is recommended for most Mediterranean Revival homes, which are prevalent in homes near the coasts.

These clay tiles, shingles, or even slates are all very durable and resistant to water, insects, rotting, and fire. There’s a reason they remain the preferred roofing material in many homes until today.

The roof is the perfect topper for any home, so, making sure that its design is compatible, and even complements your house, is always a good thing. There’s a reason that in home designs and renovations, people often recommend taking things from the top.

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